Sunday, August 9, 2009

Tops, Tops, Tops!!

Ok, for my next lovely quality I have..

I love that I am a bit loud sometimes. Not all the time, I can be especially sensitive and quiet when the situation calls for it, but otherwise I like to talk a bit loud and crack jokes and laugh. I'm never ashamed of how noisy I am being, though I am highly tuned in to when I may be annoying anyone. It's not from arrogance or being brash or ignorant, it's simply that I love a big conversation about very small, insignificant things... some call it talking shit!! But i love it; being able to switch off the 'sensible' for a bit and just be a bit fun!!

I think it's deffinitely my Leo-ness!! :)

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Georgie Love said...

Hooray! I love a loud person (am another Leo, who as a highly excitable person, can have her moments of loudness) - what an ace thing to have, I think you would be super excellent company to hang out with. Your baby is going to have a very special mama! :-D