Friday, May 22, 2009

Blog, Baby, Blog!

As you might well guess from the title, I am having a baby!!
I'm so excited, I have been reading so many books and researching on the net... I think I have a bit of information overload.
I am 14 weeks today, and we have our "just curious" scan next Tuesday.
(We chose not to have a 10-12 week scan.. then became really curious!)
I can't wait, it will be so amazing to see the little one, and i cant wait to start the bonding proccess properly, eg, talking to belly and playing it music :)
I have had a good start, with really bad nausea for only a couple of weeks. No vomitting though, just extremely tired and a massive lack of interest in any clothes that aren't from the pyjama drawer. Feeling much better now, and even went out and bought a nice winter coat that my belly can pop through later on :)
Think I am having my first real craving, so am texting Fattie to get some cheese and spinach triangles while he's at the shop... yum!!
We have some great names on our list already, using family names is really important to us and we are lucky there are some good ones to choose from. Have very strong boy feelings and am torn about finding out or not at our second scan in July. Would love to know, but would also love that moment after birth when the midwife says, "It's a ...?"
Well, will keep in touch with both baby and jewellery news. xoxo

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Georgie Love said...

That's so wonderful Steph, a massive MASSIVE congratulations from us. SO EXCITING!