Saturday, February 21, 2009

My pal, Achilles

I have finally had my landlord (also a Stephanie. W) over to remove her furniture from a spare room attached to my studio. So I finally have an office!!
While she was over she told me how, after looking after him for 17 years, a family friend Achilles Odillius De Kimpe, left her this house in his will.

She also told me how Achilles used to make suasages for safeway in the 1970's from the very room I now make my jewellery in. Lovely.
What would Achilles think of me knowing that I keep his sausage room in this state, for you Achilles I will clean!!

And, not so much for Achilles but for my customers, I will also come up with some lovely new jewellery... that is not suasage related.

Stay tuned for pics of clean studio and finished work using refined sterling silver and some sparkly stones.

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