Thursday, January 15, 2009


On our recently holidays we did a lot of lovely things, more of which to be discussed, one such thing was eating loads of cheese.

I have one friend that is particularly good at eating loads of cheese..

First you need good ingredients; nice water crackers or wafers, two good dips, quince paste, basil and cashew pesto, pickled onions, sweet spiced gherkins, seeded (or wholegrain) mustard and finally two soft cheeses and two hard cheeses.

Assemble cracker by starting with a solid base, and using the dips in a putty like fashion, adhere cheeses and quince paste and of course the next layer of cracker... That's right, it's a stacker cracker!

Open mouth wide.

Even wider!!! And gorge.

The finished product, now consumed, has a relaxing effect giving your friends a much desired opportunity to snap hilarious photos of you.

To combat the effects of annoying cheese clag at the back of the throat, a good red wine is nessecary... This will add to the relaxed state of mind, allowing even more hilarious pictures to be taken.

We all love you Skruff!!

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illformation said...

Does the poor man know he's on here, that is the net, for everyone to see?
I'd censor that belly too.
Great sequence!