Sunday, December 21, 2008


Now that my final market of 2008 is over and Christmas is just around the corner, I feel like it is time to thank everyone that has helped me have another successfull 12 months in business.
Without the 12 customers today, who made that descision to spend their hard earned dosh on my work, I would not be able to go on the below post mentioned (an extremely desired) holiday!
Without all the other customers throughout the year who have either bought directly from me or from any of the stores I stock, I would still have jewellery as just a hobby rather than a beloved carreer and lifestyle. I absolutely love making jewellery and am glad that so many of you love wearing it. And to all those who, at every market, give me the most beautiful compliments on my work, you keep me going!!
And how can I forget to thank Fattie!?!
Without your sillyness and your fabulous art of distraction I would have kept working well after quittin' time and would have forgotten why I do this. Ta! :)

Saturday, December 13, 2008


This year we are revisting one of our favourite camping spots on the Goulburn River :)
I cannot wait!!
After the stresses of moving house recently and a busy Christmas lead up, we are hanging to get some nature. To simply sit around and think of nothing more than firewood, swimming and food; some of my favourite things.

Our compsite last year was amazing, beautifully shaded and private from the rest of the camp area. Thats the river running along behind the tents.

The old dry creek bed, the locals say the river changes it's route nearly every winter in the floods... Ahh nature :) I am self prescribing a giant dose to cure my constant 3:30itis.