Monday, November 17, 2008

Indonesian Delicacy Anyone?

I have recently moved into a new house and everything is wonderful!

It is so much nicer than the house i have been living in for the past year, and we didn't even have to go through the massively stressful proccess of house hunting; I looked at three, applied for one and got it!!

It's amazing... perfect... except...


We have done the bug bomb things and have set cockroach baits around the house,

then i found the NEST!!

Under the cook top... fabulous :(

The pile of food between the cook top and the base is about 3cm high ( I needed a hammer to remove the gas burners, two of which have so much pooj in them they don't light)

Before my courageous adventure to remove the cooktop, I reported my new best mates to the agent and was told that I just needed some warm water. Thats all. Warm water will remove 3 years of the previous tenants geasy, sticky, cockroach egg infested goo. The very same goo that is the reason I needed the hammer to remove the burners.


Why can't i move into a house that i have just moved out of? One that has been taken care of and been scrubed and sugarsoaped to within an inch of it's fountations?

Love Steph,

signing off with her rubber gloves and scrubbing brush in hand...

Here i come my little friends, you better watch your germ infested little backs!!


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