Thursday, September 18, 2008

Is my Fashion Exposed

After three long days at Fashion Exposed I am exhausted!!

As for the nerves, highs and lows, terrible muffins and beautiful new fashion friends, some i loved some I loathed!

Like the lady with too much makeup who, in her 'I know all' attitude told me that the earrings in my new range were "too big" and that "no-one will ever buy them!"

If you are going to be a complete bitch, slip something constructive into you insults every once in a while!!

Now that i have finished with my tiny negative rant... onto the things i loved.

I loved Mopoke and more specifically it's designer Kristy. Always with a beautiful grin and chuckle to melt even the iciest retailer (see above)

Also in the love catagory, the massage from the freebies area. Half an hour of pure, kneaded, releasing, relaxing bliss. After which i returned to my stand and attempted to talk sense to people potentially into my range.

And last but not least, in fact the most loved of all, are Fattie, Kearnsie and Bisho!!

My three greatest friends out :) You helped so much, not only by being there and allowing me to slack off, but for reminding me that, even though lots of effort went in to it, Fashion Exposed is not the be all and end all!!

My pals!!

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