Sunday, December 21, 2008


Now that my final market of 2008 is over and Christmas is just around the corner, I feel like it is time to thank everyone that has helped me have another successfull 12 months in business.
Without the 12 customers today, who made that descision to spend their hard earned dosh on my work, I would not be able to go on the below post mentioned (an extremely desired) holiday!
Without all the other customers throughout the year who have either bought directly from me or from any of the stores I stock, I would still have jewellery as just a hobby rather than a beloved carreer and lifestyle. I absolutely love making jewellery and am glad that so many of you love wearing it. And to all those who, at every market, give me the most beautiful compliments on my work, you keep me going!!
And how can I forget to thank Fattie!?!
Without your sillyness and your fabulous art of distraction I would have kept working well after quittin' time and would have forgotten why I do this. Ta! :)

Saturday, December 13, 2008


This year we are revisting one of our favourite camping spots on the Goulburn River :)
I cannot wait!!
After the stresses of moving house recently and a busy Christmas lead up, we are hanging to get some nature. To simply sit around and think of nothing more than firewood, swimming and food; some of my favourite things.

Our compsite last year was amazing, beautifully shaded and private from the rest of the camp area. Thats the river running along behind the tents.

The old dry creek bed, the locals say the river changes it's route nearly every winter in the floods... Ahh nature :) I am self prescribing a giant dose to cure my constant 3:30itis.

Friday, November 28, 2008


I'm so excited about this market, it is so much fun. I look forward to it each fortnight that I'm there!! So much so that i have booked an extra date on the 14th of December. So you have two more dates to come along to see me and grab a bargain!! I have some fabulous new work at the moment, one entire range that's not even available in stores.
So pop in to the Spiegeltent on either the 7th or 14th of December between 9:30-1 to shop up a storm or just to see the amazing sideshows, acrobatic acts and fashion parades!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Indonesian Delicacy Anyone?

I have recently moved into a new house and everything is wonderful!

It is so much nicer than the house i have been living in for the past year, and we didn't even have to go through the massively stressful proccess of house hunting; I looked at three, applied for one and got it!!

It's amazing... perfect... except...


We have done the bug bomb things and have set cockroach baits around the house,

then i found the NEST!!

Under the cook top... fabulous :(

The pile of food between the cook top and the base is about 3cm high ( I needed a hammer to remove the gas burners, two of which have so much pooj in them they don't light)

Before my courageous adventure to remove the cooktop, I reported my new best mates to the agent and was told that I just needed some warm water. Thats all. Warm water will remove 3 years of the previous tenants geasy, sticky, cockroach egg infested goo. The very same goo that is the reason I needed the hammer to remove the burners.


Why can't i move into a house that i have just moved out of? One that has been taken care of and been scrubed and sugarsoaped to within an inch of it's fountations?

Love Steph,

signing off with her rubber gloves and scrubbing brush in hand...

Here i come my little friends, you better watch your germ infested little backs!!


Monday, November 10, 2008

Monday, November 3, 2008

How Bloody Adorable!

How lovely to see my beautiful fella Fattie having a little romp around the bowls green with my friend's absolutely gorgeous son Sam!!
Anyone who knows me, knows i am clucky as a hen... and we all know babies are contagious!!
Look out Fattie!! :)

How Bizarre, How Bizaar

I am so excited about this comming Sunday (and Nov 23rd and Dec 7th) !!

Between 9am and 1pm I will have a stall at the Bizarre Bazaar in the Spiegeltent.

I will have two new ranges out so come along down and check them out :)

The Spiegeltent

The Arts Center Forecourt

St.Kilda Rd, Melbourne

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Motha Luva!!

It my Mum's birthday very soon and, once again, she will be 21!!

I think my Mum is amazing (but I'm biased)
She is a beautiful, generous and loving lady,who loves to just op shop with me.

She is creative, helpful and oh so wise, always ready with
good advice or just her lovely positive outlook to help put
all things stressful into perspective.

We don't spend nearly enough time together, but our fabulous catch up calls,
generally on my train trips into the city, are normally the
point in the day when I remember to look at the bigger picture and
forget the small insignificant rubbish that we all tend to focus on a little too much!!

So, Mum...

big big love and big big gratitude for all that you are and all that you do!!

The Mumma (with a stick) me and the Brother Josh (actually smiling).

Thursday, September 25, 2008

All hails the Kings

Is it just me or do Kings of Leon rock!?!
Perhaps it's just that I am finally reading to rouse from hibernation and think about party-ing. Although I am not a fan of rock, their music rocks :)
Check them out at

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Is my Fashion Exposed

After three long days at Fashion Exposed I am exhausted!!

As for the nerves, highs and lows, terrible muffins and beautiful new fashion friends, some i loved some I loathed!

Like the lady with too much makeup who, in her 'I know all' attitude told me that the earrings in my new range were "too big" and that "no-one will ever buy them!"

If you are going to be a complete bitch, slip something constructive into you insults every once in a while!!

Now that i have finished with my tiny negative rant... onto the things i loved.

I loved Mopoke and more specifically it's designer Kristy. Always with a beautiful grin and chuckle to melt even the iciest retailer (see above)

Also in the love catagory, the massage from the freebies area. Half an hour of pure, kneaded, releasing, relaxing bliss. After which i returned to my stand and attempted to talk sense to people potentially into my range.

And last but not least, in fact the most loved of all, are Fattie, Kearnsie and Bisho!!

My three greatest friends out :) You helped so much, not only by being there and allowing me to slack off, but for reminding me that, even though lots of effort went in to it, Fashion Exposed is not the be all and end all!!

My pals!!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

I Dream A Highway

One of my favourite stockists is having their 1st birthday party!!
See you there :)

Saturday, August 16, 2008

All hail Fattie

Thought i should start the post by giving credit to my fabulous fella Fattie for making me laugh... almost always!
We do good silly together :)

Thanks Fattie!!